Real Estate Values

investing in real estates


If you are currently owning a real estate property, I like to congratulate you of making a great investment. If you are thinking about it but does not know where to start, I can surely assist you to make your dream come true. Are you paying rent to your landlord? Do you want to have an option to purchase the property at the lease term?

What are the advantages:

  • Not enough down payment now ==> allow you to have it at the end of the lease term
  • Credit need to be improved  ==> improve it as you making timely payment on rent
  • To "test drive" the neighbourhood ==> if not like it, do not need to exercise the option
  • Purchase price is locked at the end of the term ==> even the market price is higher, the purchase price is set
  • Market collapses and it is worth less ==> you do not need to go through the purchase

​The program gives you an option to rent the property first and determining whether you like to purchase it at the end of the term. It gives you plenty of time for preparing your financing options and improving your credit. At the end, it is a win win program for both owners and tenants.

strategic solutions


As being my client, you enjoy many privileged benefits:

  • First-hand information 

Real estate market is constantly changing and revolving. Having the most current information is very essential. I will strive to deliver the latest the market to my clients in order for optimize their benefits. 

  • VIP opportunity

My connection and network allows me to tap into many exclusive and VIP listings that my clients can enjoy the front  of the line buying opportunities. Not only you can get the priority selections, my client can also take advantage of the VIP pricing. 

  • Extra and added service

​Over 25 years of tax management consulting as a senior partner has been a great assets to my clients in many ways. My goal is to share my success with you by utilizing comprehensive analysis and distinct market insight. It allows me to have the competitive advantage among others

  • Team of expert advice and in-depth knowledge

I have a team of experts to handle many of your needs. If you have any issues related to legal matters, mortgage financing,  house design and decoration, repair and maintenance, home and title insurances, immigration and income tax issues ...etc.  You will find the solutions with just one call away.