why use a real estate agent to sell or buy a property? what are the benefits? 

Many people questioned why do I need to use a real estate agent? I can put my house for "sale by the owner" or drive around to find my desired home. What are the benefits of using a real estate agent?

A Strict Standard of Conduct

Real estate agent is highly regulated and licensed. To be a real estate practitioner, an agent must gone through a serious of education and examinations to ensure the qualification, All real estate practitioners have to follow a strict Standard of Conduct, Code of Ethics and the Laws set by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and various government agencies.

Updated information and knowledge about developments in real estate

A real estate agent can assist you with the latest market information needed to make an informal and wise decision. It is important for a seller to determine a right listing price by using comparable market analysis (CMA). Also, for a buyer you need to understand the neighbourhood trends, current market conditions and latest real estate development. An experience agent with knowledgeable and market insights like myself can surely help you to reach your destination. 

Access of data

Real estate agent can access to many important data such as new listings, latest price changes, power of sale properties and original purchase price and all subsequent transactions....etc. with the help of Multiple Listing System (MLS). It is a powerful database software that is used by the real estate brokers to share information about properties with other brokers who may represent potential buyers or wish to cooperate with a seller's broker in finding a buyer for the property. MLS systems contain hundreds of fields of information about the features of the property that are extremely useful for in a real estate transaction. It is only published for the use by permitted real estate practitioners.  


A good real estate agent is a good negotiator. When a buyer is emotionally attached to a property, the decision can be irrational. It is very important to have a professional skilled real estate agent to help you to negotiate the best price and terms. It is our commitment with fiduciary obligation and duty of care that represent the best interest of our clients. 

​* estimate on average provided by homestuffworks.com

how do i calculate return of investment for real estate investment (roi)? 

​ROI is commonly used in real estate investment to calculate as a percentage of return of money invested to an investor after deduction of expenses and investment costs. 

ROI = Money invested / Gross Income less associated expenses and costs 

An expert that you can trust because I have more than 25 years of Canadian and U.S. tax and management consulting experience to ensure you maximize the return of your investment. Many times, people miscalculated or overlooked some of the important factors in the investment analysis calculation that seriously affect the result and return of the real estate investment. My expertise and skills with the assistance of the powerful and effective computerized program will give you a precise and detail analysis that assist you to make a wise and informative investment decision. 

should i renovate my house before listing the property?

Lately, I visited a house that was listed at market price and located in a good quiet neighbourhood overlooking a ravine forest. I went in for a showing and noticed the house was not in a "showable" condition. Despite the beautiful layout and exterior look, the house looks so unwelcome and empty. I asked myself, how can the house put in the market without any decorations and personal touch. The house eventually was sold below both the asking price and the average price in the neighbourhood.

There are many ways to increase the marketability of your property. One of the effective and popular methods is " home staging". Home staging can make your house modernized and provide a beautiful showing that attracts more potential buyers as well as possible multiple offers. Staged homes basically sell faster for higher prices. The average seller is getting anywhere from 6%* to as high as 20%* more in some markets. You need a team of expert offering professional advice to determine the best approach and  maximizing your return. My experience and market knowelege can direct you to the right path. 

When is the best time to buy or invest and when is the best time to sell?

This is common questions people asked me for advice. There is no simple formula and straightforward answer. The real estate market is sensitive to changes in the balance of economics, political and social forces within our community, which in turn influences the supply and demand for real estate Some of the important influences are demographic changes, employment conditions and wages level, mortgage volume and interest rates. There are times that are more favourable to the sellers (Seller's market) and on the other hand, there are times that are favourable to the buyers (Buyer's market). 

Based on the statistics and historical data on the TREB monthly average price analysis, we can see there is a pattern that shows the high and low of the monthly average sale price. On average, the price is higher in the spring and lower in the beginning the year. The chart indicates such trend and pattern in 2013 and 2014. In other words, according to the chart below, the best time to buy is in January and best time to sell is in May because January had the lowest average price and May had the highest average price.